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Manifold 'COMB-3'

27 euro
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Plastic parts are guaranteed for 10 years. Brass parts are guaranteed for 2 years, which is the usual warranty for couplings, taps, gate valves, flowmeters and other sanitary fittings

The COMB-3 manifold is designed to connect:

  • 3 geothermal loops, or
  • 2 geothermal loops + connection of a pump for filling the geothermal system with antifreeze.

The working pressure of the antifreeze in the collector is up to 6 atmospheres, a short-term pressure increase up to 10 atmospheres is possible.

Antifreeze operating temperatures from minus 15 °C to +50 °C. To avoid condensation on the cold surface - we recommend that the manifold is carefully insulated.

A collapsible brass coupling with internal thread is mounted on the air outlet connection.

We recommend connecting the geothermal loop connections to the collector with plastic or brass compression couplings, welded polyethylene couplings.

We recommend mounting the 'COMB' collector on the wall using clamps, wall plugs, stud bolts or brackets.

Dimensions of the 'COMB-3' collector:

  • body dimensions: diameter 100 mm, length 340 mm;
  • overall dimensions with branch pipes: height 290 mm, length 470, width (depth) 100 mm, centre distance between branch pipes of geothermal loops 107 mm.

The price is for one 'COMB-3' collector.


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