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Regulation on the processing and protection of personal data

1. General concepts and scope of application
2. Composition and content of personal data
3. Purpose, limitations and terms of personal data processing
4. Location of personal data
5. Terms of disclosure of personal data to third parties
6. Protection of personal data
7. Rights of User (subject of personal data)
8. Procedure of processing requests of subjects of personal data (Users)
9. Making changes to the Regulations

General concepts and scope of application.
1.1. These Regulations on Processing and Protection of Personal Data (hereinafter the "Regulations") are made in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine, including, but not limited to, the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Personal Data" dated June 01, 2010 № 2297-VI and set forth the procedure for receiving, collecting, storing, processing, using, protecting and disclosing personal data (hereinafter the "Data" and/or "Personal Data") through geotherm.pro website (the "Website") and/or its related services and tools;
1.2. by registering or authorizing in the website geotherm.pro, placing an order via e-mail sales@geotherm.pro, by phone +380972782789, or by calling +380972782789 in messenger VIBER, User (Buyer) gives permission and explicit consent for processing of his personal data on terms and in the order provided below, and confirms familiarization with this clause, its acceptance and consent with its contents;
1.3 In these Regulations the User (Buyer, consumer) shall mean any natural and/or legal person having access to the Site and using its functionality and services;
1.4 The owner of personal data of Users is "GEOTHERM.PRO" LLC, USREOU code 43392425 (hereinafter - GEOTHERM.PRO);
1.5. In these Regulations, all terms are used in the sense defined in the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Personal Data" dated June 1, 2010, № 2297-VI with amendments and additions;
1.6 The Website may contain links to other websites (for information purposes only). By clicking on links to other websites, this Privacy Policy does not apply to such sites. GEOTHERM.PRO therefore recommends that you read the privacy and personal data policy of each website before transmitting any personal data by which you may be identified;
1.7 These conditions must be observed by those GEOTHERM.PRO officers and employees who handle and/or have access to personal data as part of their duties.

2. Composition and content of personal data
2.1 Data means any information directly or indirectly relating to a particular User. This may be: name, surname, patronymic (if any), telephone number, email address, language of communication, address of the place of delivery, information about the actions of the User when using the Website, IP address, information about the devices used by the User (device type, browser type, operating system of the device), message history (information contained in correspondence between the User and GEOTHERM.PRO), feedback or comment history, other information through which they communicate and which the User may choose to provide in the This list of personal data, is not fixed and binding for all users, but depends on the needs and wishes of the user himself/herself and on the activities he/she carries out. The Data also means other information obtained by the Site legally from third parties and/or available from the User's profiles in social networks - in case of registration on the Site with the help of social network authentication services. In such case the User gives their consent to processing of information, available from corresponding accounts (profiles) in social networks;
2.2 Users are responsible for all information they post on publicly accessible accounts. The User must be aware of all risks associated with making public the address or information about the place of delivery. If the User chooses to log onto the Site using a third party authentication service, such as Facebook information, GEOTHERM.PRO may receive an additional profile, or other information accessed by such a third party.

3. Purpose, limitations and terms of personal data processing
3.1 The purpose of personal data processing is:
- To ensure the implementation of civil legal relations, economic, tax relations, performance of the functions, powers and duties entrusted to GEOTHERM.PRO in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine;
- identification of the client as a user, to communicate with the user, including services, payment processing, sending, settlement transactions, reporting, accounting and management accounting, warranty, mailing lists by mail, e-mail, telephone, including for the purpose of sending commercial offers, promotions and news, improve product quality / service provision, the formation of product ratings and offers the Site, analyzing the activity of Users, the implementation of the following measures:
   - in order to organize mailing lists, commercial offers, messages about promotions, loyalty programs, bonus programs and / or in order to send messages about the functioning of the Site by mail, email, phone number or messengers, by sending information messages and alerts the User may at any time change the settings and refuse to receive information and / or marketing mailings;
   - in order to fulfil other obligations imposed by law on the owner of personal data, to protect the legitimate interests of the owner of the personal data or a third party to whom the personal data is communicated;
3.2 GEOTHERM.PRO does not process data on race, ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or other beliefs or membership of a voluntary association. Information relating to the physiological characteristics of users, on the basis of which their identity can be established, is not processed either;
3.3 Processing of personal data is limited to the collection of the minimum amount of mandatory information necessary solely to fulfill the User's request. In any case where non-binding information is requested, the User is informed of this at the time of collection of such information. The non-binding information is provided by the user at his or her own discretion and will. GEOTHERM.PRO uses this information to improve the website, its services, and the formation of offers to the User depending on their preferences, and based on the non-binding information provided by the User;
3.4 The terms of processing and storage of Data are determined based on the purposes of Data processing, as well as on the conditions specified in the contracts (if any) entered into with Users in accordance with the requirements of current legislation in Ukraine. Personal Data shall be processed and stored as long as necessary to achieve the purposes for which it was collected, including to meet any legal, warranty, accounting or reporting requirements, or until the data is deleted by the User or at the request of the User;
3.5 The User may change/delete personal information or unsubscribe from messages, or withdraw consent to Data processing at any time. To start the process, just send an email with the subject "Personal information" to sales@geotherm.pro ;
3.6 If there is no activity in the User's account for a period longer than five (5) years, GEOTHERM.PRO reserves the right to delete the User's account, including all personal data stored in the account, which means that you will no longer be able to access and use it.

4. Location of personal data
4.1 Personal data is processed on protected computers and servers at GEOTHERM.PRO

5. Conditions for the disclosure of personal data to third parties
5.1 GEOTHERM.PRO may communicate Personal Data to affiliated companies of GEOTHERM.PRO (companies under common ownership), which may process and use the Data for the purposes defined in these regulations. The disclosure of Data takes place when the User orders goods/services from the sellers of such goods/services to the extent necessary for the identification of the User and the execution and processing of the User's order;
5.2 GEOTHERM.PRO may use third party suppliers of products/services to carry out orders, in which case such third party suppliers of products/services are not authorised to use the personal data collected for purposes other than executing the order;
5.3. GEOTHERM.PRO may transmit certain depersonalized information, and may grant permission for the collection of such depersonalized information directly on the Site by means of appropriate technologies (data that does not allow the identification of Users separately) to third party service providers, trusted partners or authorized researchers, for the purpose of conducting market research, improving the effectiveness of promotional offers and campaigns (by offering more relevant offers), analytical work and other activities, and of informing users of the content of the service.
5.4 GEOTHERM.PRO shall process data in a lawful and fair manner: The Data will not be communicated or disclosed to third parties without the User's consent, except in the cases provided for by the current legislation of Ukraine and only in the interest of national security, economic well-being and human rights, in particular but not exclusively for legitimate requests of public authorities that have the right to request and receive such Data;
5.5 In the case of the transfer of personal data under section 5 of the present regulation, it is at the discretion of GEOTHERM.PRO to inform the User of the transfer of their personal data

6. Protection of personal data
6.1 The owner of personal data shall be equipped with system and software and hardware tools and means of communication, which prevent loss, theft, unauthorized destruction, distortion, forgery, copying of information and comply with international and national standards;
6.2 Employees/authorized persons, who directly perform processing and/or have access to personal data in connection with performance of their official (labor) duties, shall comply with the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine in the field of personal data protection and internal documents on processing and protection of personal data;
6.3 Employees/authorized persons having access to personal data, including those engaged in its processing, shall not allow disclosure in any way of personal data, which was entrusted to them or which became known in connection with performance of professional or official or labor duties. Such obligation shall apply after the termination of their activities related to personal data, except in cases prescribed by law;
6.4 Personal data shall not be stored longer than is necessary to fulfill the purposes for which the data is stored, but in any case not longer than the data storage period defined by this Regulation and the User's consent.

7. Rights of the User (subject of personal data)
7.1 The subject of personal data (User) has the right to:
- to know the location of his/her personal data or to give an appropriate instruction to obtain this information to persons authorized by him/her, except in cases prescribed by law;
- To obtain information about conditions of access to personal data, in particular information about third parties to which his personal data is transferred;
- to have access to his personal data;
- to manage the procedure for sending messages;
- to receive no later than thirty calendar days from the date of receipt of the request, except as required by law, to receive an answer on whether his personal data is stored, as well as to receive the content of his personal data that are stored
- submit a grounded request with objections against processing of his personal data by public authorities, local authorities in the exercise of their powers, provided by law
- to submit a reasoned request for modification or destruction of his personal data by any owner and administrator, if these data are processed illegally or are unreliable
- to protect their personal data from unlawful processing and accidental loss, destruction, damage due to intentional concealment, failure to provide or untimely provision, as well as to protect from the provision of information that is inaccurate or defamatory to the honor, dignity and business reputation of an individual;
- to apply on issues of protection of their rights in relation to personal data to the state authorities, local authorities, whose competencies include the protection of personal data;
- To apply legal remedies in case of breach of legislation on personal data protection.

8. Procedure for processing requests from the subject of personal data (User)
8.1 The subject of personal data (User) has the right to obtain any information about him/herself from any subject of personal data relations, without specifying the purpose of the request, except in cases prescribed by law;
8.2 The subject of personal data (User) access to data about him/herself is free of charge;
8.3 The subject of personal data (User) shall submit a request for access (hereinafter - the request) to personal data to the Owner of personal data. The request shall include: 
- surname, first name and patronymic, place of residence (place of stay) and a copy of the identity document of the subject of personal data (User); 
- Phone number or e-mail or other information that allows to identify the personal data subject (User);
- Information about the personal data in respect of which the request is made, or information about the owner; 
- List of requested personal data.
8.4 The time period for examination of the request for its satisfaction shall not exceed ten business days from the date of its receipt. Within that period, the Personal Data Holder shall notify the personal data subject (User) that the request will be granted or that the relevant personal data will not be provided, indicating the grounds set out in the relevant legislation;
8.5 The request shall be satisfied within thirty calendar days of its receipt, unless otherwise provided by law.

9. Changes to the Regulations
9.1 GEOTHERM.PRO may from time to time unilaterally update these Regulations without notifying the User of such changes. Unless otherwise stipulated in the new version of the Regulations, the new version of the Regulations shall take effect as soon as they have been posted on the website;
9.2 If there have been any changes to the Regulations, with which the user does not agree, he must stop using the site and services GEOTHERM.PRO. The fact of continuing to use the site and/or services GEOTHERM.PRO is proof of consent and acceptance of the appropriate edition of the Regulations by the User.